For something different, try the comical style of the NerdGician™.

Don’t let his looks fool you, because just when you think you know how he does it, he surprises you! The NerdGician™ uses spoof-parody and voice audio to make his show entertaining.

Mark Can customize his comical antics to meet your needs. Such as a subtle roast using a picture or name of the guest of honor in his routine.

The NerdGician™ can also use the guest of honor or a volunteer in the audience to help him with a trick that he can’t just seem to get right.

Which happens pretty much throughout the show reeling them in and than leaving them with how did he do that? Although it may not seem like it, but the NerdGician™ is always one step ahead.


Nerd Bio:

The NerdGician was born in 1994 as a result of an invitation to a friend’s lavish mansion to do a magic show. The NerdGician was at home, daydreaming, as he ironed his tux preparing for the show.

Interrupted by a ringing telephone, he accidently left the iron face down on his tux.  Ruined!  In a panic for not knowing what to wear, the NerdGician ran to the nearest Good Will store where all he could find were some mismatched clothes.  When he arrived at his friend’s home to perform, everyone at the party just burst out laughing at his outfit. 

He hadn’t even performed yet.  As the NerdGician circulated amongst the crowd performing his magic, he told stories of growing up in Pocketville, Iowa and the fun he had while attending Eraser State University. 

People laughed. The NerdGician felt that this character was a hit and that he could bring smiles to everyone’s faces...just what he set out to do.   The NerdGician made his first television appearance in 2011 on WGN riding in on his now infamous “Nerdgycycle.” 

Since then, he has opened for professional ventriloquist “Kevin Johnson” from “Americas Got Talent.” The NerdGician has also taken on promoting an ANTI-BULLY campaign as he makes his magic appearances at children’s shows and different family events. 

Since his first WGN appearance, things haven’t quite been the same for him.  While shopping recently at an office supply store, he was stampeded by a large group of nerds looking for pocket protectors. The NerdGician loves to play Atari, has a  Commodore 64 and has solved the Rubicks Cube 381 times. 

He still lives in his Mom’s basement and hope’s to move out as soon as he save’s up enough money or until the Big Bang Theory reruns end on WGN.

The NerdGician is a non-speaking magician who follows directions on how to complete the magic act as told to him by his alter, more “with-it” ego.  The audio tape consisting of the magic instructions is prerecorded in my home studio and timed to fit all time constraints.

Package Two:

The NerdGician™ Stage show

Would you like to make your next event one that your guests will remember?  How about having your very own magic show?   The NerdGician™ loves to perform for an audience.  Let him entertain your guests using props, music, and his very own zany antics. 

The NerdGician™ uses spoof-parody, voice audio and music to make his performance one that is full of laughter and magic.  The NerdGician™ is a non-speaking character.  He follows the guide of the voice-over and special music to dictate what he will do next.   

The NerdGician™ would be a great opening act to your event.   If you need a shorter, warm-up the crowd-type show, The NerdGician™ will customize his performance to your needs.  The NerdGician™ can be a great time-filler and will be sure to keep your guests amused.

Yes, The NerdGician™ speaks!

Hire the NerdGician and listen to him tell crazy "off-beat" stories while he performs slight-of-hand magic. 

Having a birthday or retirement party?  The NerdGician is great at roasting the guest of honor.  Just provide him with a few photos and a facts about the unsuspecting subject and listen as he "kindly" pokes fun at them. 

The NerdGician will bring the audience into the performance as well as providing a hands-on event for everyone. 

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The NerdGician


Package One

Walk Around Magic - The NerdGician™

Having a party? Why not hire the NerdGician™?

The NerdGician™ has appeared on WGN TV in 2010, 2011, and 2014.  He's been on KHITS Radio 104.3 - Crystal Lake, Illinois and performed at the "Laugh Out Loud" Comedy Club.  The NerdGician™ has opened for Kevin Johnson from Americas Got Talent.  

The NerdGician™ is a character that is as nerdy as nerds can be.  A silent, loveable guy who will make an entrance that you and your guests will long remember.  He will use comedy and props to create a magical and fun time for all. 

He will stroll around your party and provide a one-on-one experience for your guests.   He uses balloons, does close-up magic, and encourages his audience to participate while in the moment.  And for those special events, The NerdGician™ will invite the guest of honor to share in the spotlight. 

The NerdGician™ is great for weddings, birthday parties, retirement parties and more…..