Imaginator Photo Gallery


Chicago Thanksgiving Parade 2011

Here’s the Imaginator promoting Anti-Bullying. The girl decided that she wanted to help promote the cause.

The Imaginator with some deadly snakes. No competetion for the Imaginator.

From superhero to fairy-tale the Imaginator is seen with all.

The Imaginator and Captain Jack Sparrow

The Imaginator knows EGGactly what he’s doing.

I’m making some last moment modifications in the back plate suit. I’m adding some more led light strips.

Here is the Imaginator Utility belt. This is my favorite part of the superhero costume.

In this photo I added to the “imaginator Utility Belt” the newest in technology. A ipod with a portable mini sound system.

I finally finished the back plate lights.

I’m meticulously adjusting the letter “i” in the Imaginator Logo.

Imaginator Videos

My first photo of the Imaginator before adding the lights and bling.

The Chicago Magic Competetion 2012

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